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Narrative Therapy with Youth and Families

Facilitated By: Dale Andersen-Giberson and Angel Yuen

Date:  September 25th, 2015 - 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm

Location:  THE 519 in room 301, 519 Church St. Toronto ON


Register for one half-day workshop or two half day-workshops (full day). Both workshops will be suited to those who have familiarity with narrative ideas. Illustrations shared will be of work with youth and families, but will also offer possibilities for counselling conversations with individuals and couples.  

A message from the NTC on Sept. 18, 2015 -  There are 3 spaces left for the morning workshop and 6 spaces left for afternoon workshop. Registration closes September 23, 2015



Scaffolding Conversations with Young People

Morning workshop - 9am to 12pm

Facilitated by Angel Yuen and assisted by  Dale Andersen Giberson

Young people having difficulty often describe themselves in single-storied ways – ie: ‘I’m messed up’, ‘I have low self-esteem’, ‘I’ve always been a depressed kid’ etc. These sorts of negative identity conclusions have them doing what is ‘known and familiar’ to them in their effort to address their problems

Scaffolding conversations (White, 2007) make it possible for young people to move incrementally and progressively from what is ‘known and familiar’ and more toward ‘what might be possible for them to know and do’. Counsellors (and all service providers working with youth) can contribute significantly to this scaffolding in conversational partnership with youth.

In this practice-based workshop together we will:

· Learn about scaffolding conversations (White, 2007)

 · Explore how scaffolding can develop rich story development that highlights young person’s values, hopes, dreams, skills and knowledges.

·  Study transcript of a scaffolding conversation with counsellor and young person

·   Engage in a stop/start role play to learn lines of enquiry that assist with ‘I don’t know’ responses


Recruiting Parents to Witness the Preferred Stories of their Child

Afternoon workshop - 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Facilitated by Dale Andersen-Giberson and assisted by Angel Yuen

As families experience conflict, school performance challenges and other difficulties, parents may seek family therapy   with the understanding that therapists have professional expertise to solve their problems.  This understanding can       take focus away from the expertise, skills and knowledges of the family which have often been obscured through the dominating effects of problems.

This workshop will focus on Michael White’s ideas around recruiting parents to witness the preferred stories of their     children.  Through engaging in a therapeutic conversation, a parent or parents can be given a chance to witness the skills, knowledge, hopes and dreams of the young person in their life.  Through this conversation, families often find themselves moving into different territories of understanding of each other and discover meaning that is less about the problem definition of a child and more about a child’s capacities and preferred identity.

In this workshop, you will get a chance to:

· Learn about Michael White’s ideas around recruiting parents as witnesses.

· Practice Narrative Therapy inquiry around witnessing through experiential exercises.

· Explore a transcript of a witnessing conversation with a family.


About the facilitators:


 Dale Andersen-Giberson MSW, RSW

Dale is a therapist with Oolagen Community Services in Toronto where he uses narrative approaches in work with young people and their families.  Prior to working with Oolagen, Dale enjoyed his experience working with young people and adults who had varying relationships and difficulties with substances.  Dale continues to be interested in constructions of gender and culture, responses to power and dominance and the methods that members use to make meaning out of difficult situations.

Angel Yuen MSW, RSW

Angel is a private therapist in Durham region and school social worker in Toronto.  She is committed to non-pathologizing practices in her work alongside persons of all ages while continually considering the influences of the broader context of power relations. She has been using narrative practices for over 20 years and for the past decade has taught several workshops locally and in several different countries. In 2006 Angel joined the international teaching faculty for the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide Australia.


                           MORNING OR AFTERNOON WORKSHOP

Registration fee of $75 for half-day

Or register for both workshops (full day)
 Registration fee of $130


Morning Session ONLY
Regular $75.00 CAD
Student or Group $67.50 CAD
Pay by mail or fax.    
Afternoon Session ONLY
Regular $75.00 CAD
Student or Group $67.50 CAD
Pay by mail or fax.    
BOTH Morning and Afternoon Sessions
Regular $130.00 CAD
Student or Group $117.00 CAD
Pay by mail or fax.    
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