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This section provides downloads to several articles related to narrative practice.    Most of the papers below have been featured in past issues of our Narrative Voices E-newsletter.  


History Re-Authored: Young men responding to anger, trouble and hopelessness in urban schools
Dulwich Centre Publications


by Angel Yuen

Re-membering pets: Documenting the meaning of people's relationships with these family members
Explorations: An E-journal of Narrative Practice, Dulwich Centre Foundation


by Barbara Baumgartner

Using a narrative approach of double-listening in research contexts
Dulwich Centre Publications


by Jay Marlowe

New narratives for parents with mental health difficulties


by Ruth Pluznick and   Natasha Kis-Sines

Narrative therapy:, difference and possibility: inviting new becomings CONTEXT UK


by Sarah Walther and Maggie Carey

Re-membering Michael White
OASW School Social Work Newsletter
Originial title was 'Refusing to Pathologize' in the Dulwich Centre Michael White Archives


by Angel Yuen

Where did it all begin? Reflecting on the collaborative work of Michael White and David Epston


by Cheryl White

Narrative in action: The daily practice of
acknowledgement CONTEXT UK


by Kaethe Weingarten & Miranda Worthen

Finding resilience standing tall: Exploring trauma, hardship and healing with refugees– A collective document
Lake Avenue Baptist Church, Rochester New York


by Michael Boucher

Collective ethics as a path to resisting burnout
From Insights, BC's Clinical Counsellors' Magazine and News


by Vikki Reynolds

Post secret: Frank Warren’s community art project, A review Explorations: An E-journal of Narrative Practice, Dulwich Centre Foundation


by Daria Kutuzova

Rescuing the said from the saying of it: Living documentation in narrative therapy
Dulwich Centre Publications


by David Newman

Taming the Terrier
From Down Under and Up Over: Travels with Narrative Therapy


by David Epston

Discovering children’s responses to trauma: a response-based narrative practice
Dulwich Centre Publications


by Angel Yuen

Conversations with children with disabilities and their mothers
Talking with mothers and children: An intake questionnaire (intake questionnairre starts at page 17)
Dulwich Centre Publications



by Maksuda Begum

developed by David Denborough with Maksuda Begum

From isolation to community: Collaborating with children and families in times of crisis
Dulwich Centre Publications


by Elizabeth Buckley and Philip Decter
Therapist as host: Making my guests feel welcome 
Dulwich Centre Publications


by Jodi Aman

Simon Wiesenthal: THE SUNFLOWER: On the possibilities and limits of forgiveness 
Dulwich Centre Publications


Review by Ruth Pluznick

Agency and choice in the face of trauma: A narrative therapy map Guilford Press


by Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin

Reconstructing the Language of Death and Grief
From Illness, Crisis and Loss


by Lorraine Hedtke

*Please note that all of the above papers have been reprinted or linked
here with permission from the various publishers. The Narrative Therapy
Centre does not have copyright to any of the above papers and we therefore
ask that all enquiries about reproducing be made directly to each specific
copyright owner. 
Thank you.



Article Resources

The following links below offer terrific online resources to narrative papers from around the world. Free downloads are available as well as the possibility to purchase papers on many topics related to narrative practice...

~ Dulwich Centre articles

~ Narrative Approaches articles

~ Explorations (a free e-journal of narrative practice papers)

~ Narrative Library at the Dulwich Centre

~ Archives of Resistance: Anti-anorexia/anti-bulimia (papers from

~ Re-membering articles             (a narrative approach to grief)

~ Addictions and Substance abuse (articles from the Dulwich Centre re: 'deconstructing addition)

International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

international journal nt and cw

2013 subscriptions are being accepted for this online journal published quarterly from Dulwich Centre Publications More info....


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